Laten we hard praten en veel lachen

‘Laten we hard praten en veel lachen – ‘فلنرفع أصواتنا عالياً ونقهقه ’ is a symbiosis of poetry and photography. Together they tell the story about living in between the values of home and the western society. It is a collaboration between the Syrian poet Bakr al Jaber and myself. By focusing on short stories and quick flashes ‘Laten we hard praten en veel lachen’ is trying to turn something personal into something general that everyone can connect with. Over time the project has culminated in a traveling exhibition, performances and a publication.

Bakr reading the poem Vallend in Arabic

‘Geen verboden gesprekken, verboden boeken of verboden gedichten
De cafés hier zijn geruisloos’

With the publication of ‘laten we hard praten en veel lachen’ we want to spread the personal story and make it accessible for Dutch public who grew up here or just arrived.
The publication consists of eleven posters that are folded together that can be used as exhibition material. We present the publication and exhibition at places that are easily accessible and semi-public.

Installation view - The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2018
Installation view – at the Amsterdam Public Library de Hallen 2018
Installation view – Athenaeum Boekhandel 2018
Bakr reading the poem Chili in Arabic
Installation view – at the Amsterdam Public Library Banne 2018

‘Ik ben nog niet opgesloten… dus ik weet niet wat vrijheid betekent’

  • Quote from Chili, Bakr al Jaber
Installation view – These are all the posters from the publication exhibited at Broedplaats Bogota 2018


Foto van Damascus: Bassel Halabi

Translations: Djûke Poppinga (Damascus), Maartje Smit (Chili, Delier, Dollende dromer, Geloof, Vallend, Zijn ze nog niet verdronken), Stella Van De Wetering (De Nacht)

Design: Rob van Hoesel, Carel Fransen

Thank you: Ayman Santir, Ayham Santir, Bernice Siewe, Frank Oberndorff, Hidde Meulenbeek, Jeska Kwakernaak, Lisanne van Happen, Monique Goossens, Sjaan Klijnee, Talal Fayyad, Talita Schreuder, the women of Amsterdam and our families